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4 Steps to KICK Down That Wall of Rejection in 12 Weeks with 12 Women

Have you been looking for real and lasting love in all the wrong places? What if I told you that LOVE is right in front of you? He knows your name and sees you right now!

Take 4 steps right now to join my CROWN Connection Online Small Group, a safe and private group––12 weeks with 12 like-minded women interacting together . All study the same workbook which includes stories of 40 women. Their stories are interspersed with Scriptures to help explain them.

I want to give you my booklet, Eyes Wide Open, written in 1980 about how God became real to me as He opened my eyes to see that Jesus really is alive!

STEP 1 - Get my FREE booklet, Eyes Wide Open, at your fingertips, for Kindle, iBooks, Nook or Kobo, and more.  Run away  from:

  • rejected and neglected to feel accepted and loved
  • hiding from insecurity and shame to freedom––allowing others to love you
  • worry about finances to knowing the only source of all things
  • sleepless nights to peaceful rest regarding your children and family
  • a barren woman to mother of her own children
Bust through that wall of rejection! Claim your seat at the table of 12 now. Time is short!
Run with us as you pitch that excess baggage forever!
GOD Who Are You? AND Who Am I? Knowing and Experiencing God by His Hebrew Names